Lord Don’t Move the Mountain.

Doris Akers wrote a song titled Lord Don’t Move the Mountain, sung most famously by Mahalia Jackson, in which the singer asks God not to remove stumbling blocks, “for when our tribulations get too light we tend to stray from thee.”

Sometimes, as we look out over the world, there are so many really big problems, it can get overwhelming. Every newscast and self-proclaimed prophet tells us the end is near and that there is no hope. So many of  our political and social experiences leave us stymied and disappointed in our lofty goals, that it  can seem easier to simply roll over, pull the covers up over our heads and go to sleep until the storm passes over.

In this Easter season, however, we are reminded that there is no defeat-no death-that God has not overcome. If we are in practice, we remember that faith-not strength, infallibility, perfection nor even goodness-is the power by which we climb those mountains or face those crucifixions.

In our baptism we accept the freedom and power to “resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves” so that we can become closer to Christ. And that should give us courage to poke our heads out from under the covers. The whole weight of the world is not on our shoulders alone. The evils, injustices, and oppression that can seem so overwhelming are not ours to face all by ourselves. In fact, they may actually be the obstacle courses and climbing walls on which to build the soul muscles we need to stay in love with God.



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