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Bearers of the Good News

‘Tis the season, but we should not jump too soon and too quickly to the joyous occasion of Christ’s birth. Still, today, God grows in the waters, and in the darkness. God is still a seed germinating, hidden beneath Mary’s heart. God is still, today, but a scrap of hope which has yet to breathe on its own.

God is a hope and even on Christmas, will be born weak and dependent on human nurturance to survive. I wonder if we jump too soon to expectation of salvation and forget our own roles as the midwives, mothers, cooks, babysitters, daycare providers, teachers, and foster parents of Messiah. Hope, peace, joy, light and love may well be born on Christmas Day, but it takes a life (several lives, in fact) for them to develop, grow, flourish and thrive.

As you look around this Advent and Christmas season, I invite you to notice those who have nurtured hope. I invite you to encourage those who have given food and drink to peace. I invite you to celebrate those who sing, dance and foster playful joy. If the Christ knew to love, it is because the baby Jesus was born, not only to a manger, but to a community of love; and still today, it is people of radical humility and love, communities of outstanding peace and embodied joy who emanate the light of Christ into a world which sometimes seems barren of possibility.

You and I are in this thing together, together with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit to carry, bear, birth and nourish that better world to which we aspire.

-Inspired by the contagious witness of Katie Meyler and the  More Than Me Foundation

Adoration of the Magi: image used with permission: